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At the Pasadena divorce & family law offices of Divorce Law LA, you will receive the highest level of expertise and professionalism from our skilled Pasadena divorce lawyers. As you maneuver the difficult process of divorce and custody, it is essential that you are supported by a team of legal experts well versed in California specific Divorce and Family Law. For well over a decade, Divorce Law LA have been serving clients across Southern California in all areas of Divorce and Family Law. With an exceptional track record of courtroom successes, Divorce Law LA takes great pride in providing their valued clients with the knowledge and information they require to maintain peace of mind and a positive outcome in their case. Fulfilling a client’s needs is of the utmost importance, and the Attorneys at Divorce Law LA will stop at nothing to secure favorable results. With years of experience in family law and divorce, the attorneys at Divorce Law LA can guide you through the divorce process and answer your family law questions.

Pasadena family law lawyer Divorce Law LA covers a wide spectrum of family law related issues that include:

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  • Pasadena Divorce LawyerPasadena
    Divorce Lawyer

    Divorce Lawyer

    The decision to pursue getting a divorce is perhaps the most challenging decision you will ever make. It can upset the entire world as you know it....

    Pasadena Child Custody LawyerPasadena
    Child Custody Lawyer

    Child Custody

    Perhaps the most difficult part of the divorce process for an individual is knowing how it will impact his or her children. The last thing in the world...

    Pasadena Child Support LawyerPasadena
    Child Support Lawyer

    Child Support

    When you find yourself dealing with the proceedings of a divorce, you will want to educate yourself thoroughly on the subject of Child Support and the best way...

  • Pasadena Spousal Support LawyerPasadena Spousal Support Lawyer

    Spousal Support

    Spousal Support is a term that refers to payments, assets or moneys transferred from one spouse to another following a divorce. Alimony...

    Pasadena Domestic Violence LawyerPasadena Domestic Violence Lawyer

    Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence can be defined as a "violent confrontation that occurs between family members or between people who live together...

    Pasadena Modifications to Family Court OrdersPasadena Modifications to Family Court Orders

    Family Court Orders

    When a judge and the court have issued a final order within a family law or divorce case, the order is most often deemed to be final. If an individual...

  • Pasadena Divorce Mediation LawyerPasadena Divorce Mediation Lawyer

    Divorce Mediation

    Collaborative Law and Mediation are two steadily increasing methods for disputing resolutions surrounding Divorce and Family Law. Interest...

    Pasadena Move Away LawyerPasadena Move Away Lawyer

    Move Away

    Situations arise and life can bring unexpected twists that may include a parent's relocation to a new city, even a new state.In such situations...

    Pasadena Marital Property Division LawyerPasadena Marital Property Division

    Marital Property Division

    Divorce is never an easy process, and the equitable division of assets and property can cause immense stress that deeply mires both...

  • Pasadena High Net Worth Divorce LawyerPasadena High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

    High Net Worth Divorce

    Defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission, a "High Net-Worth Divorce" is "One in which a natural person who has individual net worth...

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Clients across Southern California continue to choose the attorneys at Divorce Law LA for their reliable delivery of results, their high level of professionalism and the unique element of compassion that they provide when dealing with sensitive matters such as divorce custody battles. Individual and business clients from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernadino County, Riverside County & Ventura County are represented.

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Drawing on over fourteen years of experience in dealing with Divorce and Family Law, our dedicated divorce attorneys will carefully analyze all elements of your case to bring about a favorable outcome. We are committed to the education and empowerment of our clients so that you fully understand the legal process and your rights. The process of divorce and child custody can be challenging and painful and our family law attorneys will support you through the various stages in a professional and compassionate manner. There is no need to do this alone. Align yourself with an expert Pasadena Family Law lawyer from Divorce Law LA today. From beginning to end, we are on your side and you can trust that based on our extensive track record of success, you are in the best of hands. + Read More

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