Pasadena Child Custody Lawyer

Pasadena Child Custody Lawyer

Perhaps the most difficult part of the divorce process for an individual is knowing how it will impact his or her children. The last thing in the world that you want is to know that the dissolution of your marriage is negatively impacting the people that you love most in the entire world. Your children are your life, and protecting your right to obtain custody and visitation is essential to the ongoing health of your family. At the Southern California Law Offices of Divorce Law LA, we understand the delicate nature of this important issue and with over fourteen years of experience in dealing with Child Custody and Visitation Law, we are here to support you through this difficult time.

Child custody and visitation situations can be incredibly emotional and it is essential that you align yourself with an attorney who is skilled in dealing with this variety of litigation and clearly understands California specific laws. You need a family attorney who can passionately, yet aggressively represent your case and who will empower you with the necessary information and knowledge to fully understand the process.

Legal and Physical Custody

In California, legal custody refers to privileges awarded to a parent or domestic partner that pertains to important decision making on behalf of a child that may include the child’s education, religious affiliation and health. Joint legal custody is standard between married parents as well as divorced parents, and it is common for the California courts to grant joint custody to unmarried parents depending on the circumstances of the case. By filling out an application to the court, legal custody may be modified, yet modifications are uncommon with the exception of extreme situations. Modifications are contingent upon the specifics of each case and are approached on a case-by-case basis.

Physical custody is the term used to describe where a child or children physically live. It also factors into the level of child support a parent will receive as well as possible state and federal tax exemptions. Many Father’s Rights Organizations have worked to overturn a longstanding trend of physical custody being awarded based solely on gender and many efforts have been made to focus the decision of physical custody on what is deemed to be in the best interest of the child.

Pasadena, CA Child Custody & Visitation Determination

The predominant factor that determines decision-making on behalf of the child or children is now almost entirely based on what is deemed to be in the child’s best interest. In the California court system, if a judge determines that it is in the best interest of the child to maintain joint custody, it is granted to both parties. Preference based solely on gender is avoided as well as preference based on whether a parent is the mother or the father.

Lawyer For Visitation Rights

A sequence of determining custody often begins with the optimal choice of joint custody between two parents. From there, the best interest of the child follows a scenario where custody goes to the person or persons in whose home a child has been living in a stable and wholesome environment. If such a living situation cannot be determined, the child is placed with a person related within the fifth degree of consanguinity and in whom the court finds a suitable home and living situation that provides the child with the appropriate amount of care and guidance. In the absence of any suitable relative, custody of the child goes to a person or persons whom the court deems suitable to provide adequate care and guidance.

The Best Interest of the Child

In all legal cases involving children, the best interest of the child is of paramount importance. At Divorce Law LA it is our commitment to represent our clients from the perspective of serving the best interest of every child. Many factors contribute to the stability and health of a child and in regards to child custody and visitation, we will aggressively represent you and your rights as a parent. As a mother or father, you have certain inalienable rights to maintain custody and visitation privileges with your children. We are here to support you through the process of securing those rights and maintaining a healthy relationship with your children throughout the divorce process.

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