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Spousal Support is a term that refers to payments, assets or moneys transferred from one spouse to another following a divorce. Alimony is another word that represents the same concept, as is the term “maintenance.” Laws within the United States seek to secure the standard of living and livelihood of a divorced spouse after a divorce that relatively maintains what they experienced while being married. In the aftermath of a divorce, a spouse may be left with insufficient skills to enter the workforce and an inability to provide for him or herself based on the fact that they have focused their attentions on childrearing and homemaking for a significant amount of the time they were married. Their standard of living may become compromised and they may be unable to obtain adequate pay to support the lifestyle they had previously known.

A common misconception exists around divorces and separations requiring spousal support, yet statistics show that a relatively moderate percentage of divorces result in such financial litigation. In these cases, when a couple becomes legally separate or divorced, a judge may require one spouse or domestic partner to compensate the other a percentage of their monthly income to maintain the lifestyle they had previously experienced throughout the duration of their marriage. In regards to married couples, this agreement is called “spousal support,” while it is referred to as “partner support” in domestic partnerships.

Spousal Support Time Length – Pasadena Alimony Attorney

The duration and extent of the terms surrounding spousal support differ based on the length of marriage, spousal income and the specific elements of each marriage. Having the support of a skilled Spousal Support Attorney will be to your benefit while determining what you owe and what you are due in a divorce situation.  An Alimony attorney at the Southern California Law Offices of Divorce Law LA will assist you in the process of understanding your rights, calculating the appropriate amount of spousal support to either pay or receive and the preparation of all necessary court forms.

Permanent, Temporary and Relative Spousal Support

Permanent alimony or spousal support refers to an ongoing payment from one spouse to another for the remainder of the payees life or until the receiver enters into marriage with another person. In some scenarios, remarriage does not nullify spousal support, such as in a long-term union or in circumstances where the receiver has a severe disability. Temporary spousal support lasts for a specific period of time. In situations where the divorce causes significant financial distress on one spouse, temporary alimony will be awarded until financial recovery is achieved. Rehabilitative spousal support refers to cases in which a spouse needs specific assistance with professional training or education so that they may enter or return to the job force following the divorce. Financially dependent stay-at-home moms are often the recipients of such rehabilitative spousal support as they go through the process of becoming financially independent. Understanding where you fit into this alimony equation is critical, and a spousal support attorney can assist you with this process as well as educating you about potential tax consequences.

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