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    Collaborative Law and Mediation are two steadily increasing methods for disputing resolutions surrounding Divorce and Family Law. Interest in these methods is growing because of ones ability to avoid costly formal litigation with early intervention. Mediation, when employed at an early stages of divorce proceedings can be beneficial for both parties to avoid substantial litigation costs and the adversarial nature of a drawn out separation and divorce process. Collaborative Law is designed as an early intervention tool, to also be used in place of formal and costly litigation.

    In many legal situations, cases do not proceed to an actual trial because instead, they are settled through a process of mediation or collaboration between the two parties. This process is becoming increasingly preferred do to it’s more harmonious nature and the fact that it often results in far lower costs than a long, drawn out litigation process. Resolution of conflict between spouses is a delicate process and requires a skilled Divorce and Family Law Mediator to serve as a neutral buffer between the high emotions of a couple on the verge of divorce. The attorneys at the Southern California Law Offices of Divorce Law LA can assist you through the process of deciding whether a divorce settled through mediation and collaborative law is the right choice for you, or if full litigation is required to adequately settle your divorce.

    Collaborative Law Divorce Lawyer

    Collaborative Law is defined as a court-free way of approaching divorce. In a collaborative divorce, there is no need to appear before a judge and individuals instead work closely with a team of specialists and experts that may include child-custody experts, divorce and family law attorneys, marriage and family counselors and financial specialists to reach a settlement that works for both parties without the excessive costs of litigation.

    Considering a Divorce Mediation Lawyer?

    In relation to a traditional lawsuit, the process of mediation can be quick, entirely confidential, fairly executed and significantly lower in cost. When you find yourself already involved in a lawsuit or actual divorce proceedings, mediation and collaborative law will benefit you significantly in that you can step beyond the court system to resolve your dispute in a less expensive and more harmonious manner. In a mediation or collaborative law situation, both parties have the opportunity to speak for and represent themselves, expressing emotions and ideas that would not be as accepted in the litigation process.

    The Success of Mediation and Collaborative Law

    When employing mediation and collaborative law to resolve a dispute between spouses, the agreements reached are often more likely to be successfully carried out. Studies show that agreements and solutions reached freely by individuals through the process of mediation and collaborative law are more likely to reach success and be carried out due to the nature of the mediation process.

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