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    Pasadena Move Away and Child Relocation Lawyer

    Pasadena Move Away Lawyer

    Situations arise and life can bring unexpected twists that may include a parent’s relocation to a new city, even a new state. In such situations, a custodial parent may need to request of the courts permission to relocate his or her child to a new location that may impact the visitation of the other parent. Such a scenario is generally referred to as a “Move-Away.”

    This scenario can be immensely challenging for all parties involved, most notably the affected children. Depending on the ruling of the courts, such a verdict and decision can have a massive impact on the security and well being of both children and parents. In some scenarios, a parent may see the opportunity for a move as a positive opportunity to start fresh after a sometimes lengthy and painful divorce. The other parent, however, views the relocation of his or her child as a direct impact on any sense of family and their ability to parent. In Move-Away and Child Relocation scenarios, it is important that you have a Family Law attorney you can trust by your side, to support you through the process of a dispute involving the relocation of your child.

    Determining Relocation – Child Relocation Cases

    In some situations, both parents reach an agreement for relocation on their own, not requiring the permission of the courts to proceed. If a custody order does not yet exist that includes a possible Move-Away or relocation, the courts will rule in favor of the child. If parents share custody of a child jointly, the decision for relocation will be made by the courts on behalf of the best interest of the child. If one parent has sole custody of the child, chances are that their request for relocation will be easier to obtain, although a non-custodial parent may contest such a move on the grounds that the custodial parent’s relocation of the child is being made in bad faith – such as trying to minimize the non-custodial parent’s time access to the children – or the move is deemed to be detrimental to the child. Under such a circumstance, the court will determine the impact of such a move on the relationship with the non-custodial parent following the relocation.

    Important Factors Related to Move-Away Disputes

    A great deal of care and consideration is invested into custody evaluations that relate to Move-Away and Relocation. The best interest of the child is always the number one priority, and the court will consider a number of factors including a parent’s reasoning behind relocation; the distance of relocation; the age of the child; the child’s relationship to both parents; the specific wishes of the child; the child’s educational, health and community needs and the relationship between parents and their ability to make decisions jointly on behalf of their child, as well as many other factors.

    Pasadena Move Away Lawyer – Pasadena Child Relocation Attorney

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