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Co-parenting can be difficult, but once you and your ex figure it out, you’ll find that the child, or children you share, will feel much safer about their new family arrangement. Sometimes hearing other’s experiences can help prepare you for the trials you might face. Below we share some celebrity’s thoughts on their co-parenting relationships.

It appears that Sherri Shepherd’s child support drama is never ending. In the most recent drama, the former View star is slamming her ex Lamar Sally following his demands for more child support.  Sherri Shepherd’s Child Support Drama Continues Shepherd, 49, filed for divorce from ex Sally just a few weeks before their son Lamar Jr.

Learning How to Co-Parent

Monday, 12 December 2016 by

It’s easy to do.  You get a text message from your ex-spouse about not wanting to give up “their time” with the children you share to accommodate for a scheduling issue that you’ve run into. So you fire back a snarky text that sets off World War 3. And then your son approaches you with:

  Last week a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ordered actress Kelly Rutherford to return her two children to their father, Daniel Giersch, who lives in Monaco. In doing so, the custody battle between the two rages on. Custody Battle The judge’s decision came after the 46-year-old actress failed to send son Hermes, 8, and daughter Helena,

Appealing a Child Custody Ruling

Friday, 19 December 2014 by

Child custody cases are difficult due to the nature of the subject. A family law court will always rule in the best interest of the child. It’s important to note that an appeals court will not review a case just because one party disagrees with what the judge decided. If you feel your child custody agreement

Appealing a Divorce Settlement

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Either spouse is able to appeal a court’s decision on the divorce judgment – regardless of if the settlement came through settlement agreement or a court. Certain decisions, certain rights, and certain obligations are able to be challenged. Quick Note While either spouse is able to appeal a court’s decision to a higher court, it’s unusual for