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On March 15, after 12 years of marriage, Vanessa Trump filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr.. The couple released a statement the following day saying, “We have decided to go our separate ways. We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families. We have five beautiful children together and they remain

Russell Crowe’s divorce from Australian actress Danielle Spencer is about to be finalized. He’s putting the stuff the two accumulated during their marriage up for auction at Sotheby’s Australia called, “The Art of Divorce.” Crowe and Spencer separated roughly five years ago. As part of the auction at Sotheby’s, he’s getting rid of  227 items, including 29 luxury

Understanding Spousal Support

Monday, 05 March 2018 by

If you are getting divorced, and are seeking spousal support, or are expected to pay spousal support payments, there are some important things you’ll want to understand. A family law attorney will be able to walk you through the specifics of your case, but here we’ll provide you with a general overview of aspects of spousal

Joseph Stroup, a man dubbed “America’s Most Deadbeat Dad” for owing $560,000 in child support, was recently arrested after being on the run for almost 20 years. Deadbeat Dad Owes $560,000 in Child Support In 1989 Stroup was ordered to pay $100 a month in child support for his four children. That amount was eventually lowered

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As a way of moving forward from his divorce from Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher spent a week in the mountains with no food. The actor recently gave an interview during which he discussed how he moved forward after the break-up of his marriage. How Ashton Kutcher Moved Forward After Divorce Ashton Kutcher, 40, and Demi

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Financial Tips for Your Divorce

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 by

Finances can be hard to manage in general, but if you are going through a divorce, they can feel almost impossible. There are a number of things to consider: will you be receiving alimony or paying it? Child support? What will your “single life budget” be? You’ll want to address these questions as soon as

A New Tax Law May Spur More Divorces

Monday, 05 February 2018 by

A new tax law could spur more couples to divorce this year. Family law attorneys are encouraging couples that are considering divorce to do it in 2018 before a deduction for alimony payments gets wiped out next year under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. A New Tax Law May Spur More Divorces The deduction will

After Beyonce launched her “Lemonade” album there was room to speculate that her and rapper husband Jay-Z were having issues with their marriage. Recently Jay-Z explained why he and Beyonce did not get divorced. Why Jay-Z and Beyonce Didn’t Get Divorced During a recent interview, Jay-Z, 47, explained why he and Beyonce, 36, decided to

Actor Ewan McGregor will be paying spousal support to his estranged wife Eve Mavrakis. The actor filed for divorce on January 19, citing irreconcilable differences. The two formally separated May 28, 2017. Ewan McGregor to Pay Spousal Support McGregor will be paying spousal support and has also requested joint legal and physical custody of their