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Reasons for Divorce

Tuesday, 05 September 2017 by

Infidelity, falling out of love, financial reasons. These are all reasons for getting a divorce. But they aren’t the only ones. Common Reasons for Divorce Chances are you have a friend or family member that has gone through divorce. It’s not easy and there are many factors that contribute to the dissolution of a marriage.

For years, technology has proven you can start a relationship with a “swipe.” And now, thanks to an app called “Wevorce”, you can also end your marriage with a simple “swipe.” But should you? Swipe for Divorce Technology has revolutionized how we do everything, so it goes to follow that eventually, it would revolutionize divorce. With

After four years of marriage, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have decided to divorce. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Divorce After meeting 10 years ago when they performed together at the CMT concert, Miranda Lambert, 31, and Blake Shelton, 39, quickly became country’s golden couple. They were married in 2011 in Boerne, Texas. But now it

When it comes to divorce, which gender usually files first? And why? In this article, we’ll look into why it seems women file for divorce more often than men do. Women and Divorce Women being first to file for divorce seems to be related to not only socio-economic trends, but also changes in divorce law