Child Custody

Beginning a Child Custody Case

Sometimes people do not choose to file for child custody. If you decide to move forward, there are some necessary steps that are involved. You might also consider hiring a child custody attorney that can represent you in court.

Why File for Child Custody?

This decision is made for a number of reasons including; not wanting to get the courts involved, or there’s an informal agreement that works for both parents, fear of provoking the other parent, or fear that that provocation might result in a more custody or visitation rights being awarded to the other parent. While you might not want to enter into a child custody case, it’s important to remember that if you do, the court can provide you with certain legal rights that will legally ensure your time with your children.

Legal Rights Regarding Child

Getting a child custody order can legally give you the right to make decisions regarding your child, as well as allow you the legal right to have your child live with you. Without a child custody order, you might not legally have the ability to do these things, even if you are the parent that takes care of the child on a daily basis. Filing for child custody is not without risks though. If you decide to file, there’s a chance the other parent will request these rights. At that point it will be up to the judge to decide.

Working with a Child Custody Lawyer

Working with a child custody lawyer might be in your best interest if you decide to pursue a child custody case. A lawyer will be able to help you decide your best course of action based on your situation. Additionally, it’s important to remember that filing for child custody does not necessarily mean you get child support. But a child custody order does not automatically give you child support.


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