Child Custody

Child Custody: A Child’s Best Interest

Unfortunately, child custody disputes very rarely come down to being decided in the best interest of the child. A lot of factors weigh in. It’s necessary that you work with a skilled attorney that can present the facts of your case. 

Where Child Custody Gets Nasty

Battles between parents can be scary, but typically children having to deal with warring parents face years of watching conflicts in the form of:

  • Parents yelling at each other;
  • Arguments in public places or at custody exchange places;
  • One parent putting down the other;
  • One parent denying financial support as means of getting back to the other parent;
  • Attempts to get a child to take sides.

Focus on Parents

Often times the courts are more focused on the parents and if they can get along well enough to follow the court orders. Often times the legal battle of it all makes it difficult for a willing parent. It can be especially difficult in cases where one parent has more money than the other, and can thus afford a lawyer that can build a stronger case.

Building a Case for the Child

Many decisions go into the awarding of child custody. And a court will sit down and evaluate the case objectively, with a focus on the facts that are presenting. These facts include: the history of each parent’s relationship with the child, any evidence of abuse or neglect, a detailed understanding of the child’s health, safety, education, and general welfare. A court will also take a look at the current status quo arrangement. From this outsiders perspective, a judge will be able to rule based on the child’s best interest. 


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Source: Social Work Helper, Intense Child Custody Disputes are Rarely About the Best Interests of the Child, October 3, 2014

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