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“Dying” to Get Out of Paying Child Support

Rapper Jakitdown, real name John McCroy, has taken to using death as a reason to not pay child support. Meanwhile, he’s taken to the internet in an attempt to parlay his 15 minutes of fame into cash – though it still won’t go to his child support payments.

“Dying” to Avoid Paying Child Support

McCroy’s daughter was born on New Year’s Eve 2008. A court ordered him to pay $100 monthly in child support in April 2009. But he never did. He was in a car accident in November of that year. And according to him, that’s when he died.

In August 2010 he attempted to buy a car. But in order to get a car loan, he needed to be current on the child support payments. That’s when he made his first, and only $100 payment. In April of 2009, a court ordered him to pay $100 a month in support. He never did, and still hasn’t.

When asked about why he will not pay child support, he said, “I was ineligible to pay it. I was in a hospital and died in a car accident.”

Rise to Fame

Since gaining notoriety for being the deadbeat dad that “died” to get out of paying child support, Jakitdown has been all over social media – advertising his “mix tape” with videos showing the rapper wearing diamond sunglasses and a mink coat, while tooling around town in a new car.

Canience Haynes, the mother of his daughter, is not impressed. “I feel like if he could be out here being flashy that he can take care of our child,” she said.

Felony Charges

Jakitdown faces five charges of felony failure to pay the monthly $100 child support payments. He is fighting the charges with the help of a lawyer (he doest not qualify for a public defender). He petitioned the court, claiming he should not have to pay anything. According to Haynes, McCroy’s petition also claims he’s been permanently disabled since the 2009 car accident. If he loses the trial (set for February) he will face a maximum prison sentence of seven-and-a-half years in prison.


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Source: CNN Wire, Deadbeat dad who ‘died’ to get out of paying child support claims he’s permanently disabled, November 25, 2014

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