Divorce Hotel – Check in Married, Check out Divorced

There’s a new way to get divorced, and it’s almost as easy as packing your bags for a vacation.

The Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa in Saratoga Springs, New York is already known for offering high-end wedding settings, but it’s now offering an alternative option to those looking to end their marriages.

The Divorce Package

For just $5,000, a divorcing couple gets separate rooms, access to the spa, tennis courts, swimming area, golf courses, as well as a lawyer. Jim Halfens, who already runs a similar type of program in the Netherlands, will be running Gideon Putnam’s divorce program. “Practically, they are divorced after signing on Sunday,” Halfens said. “After signing, all work is done and we send it to a judge who only puts a stamp on it to make it official.”

The Divorce Package – Reality TV Edition

Guests will also be able to opt in to have their weekend filmed for a reality show that’s currently in progress. To participate, couples only need be U.S. citizens and agree to solely use the attorneys provided by the program. The hotel’s website boasts of suites that book for $500 and more per night that are surrounded by  the “breathtaking beauty of Saratoga Spa State Park.” The divorce package is a departure from some of the other available packages the hotel offers, such as the ‘New York Girls Getaway’ and ‘Share the Romance. It’s expected to be available towards the end of September.

Large Appeal

Hotel representative, Rob Sgarlata, a hotel representative, thinks the new package will appeal to a different type of clientele. He does not fear the Gideon Putnam’s reputation as a romantic destination for weddings will be ruined by its latest offering. “From our point of view, these are more guests with a specific need, and we have an opportunity to help them to fill that need,” Sgarlata said. “We don’t see it as different from any of our other groups.”

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Source: Fox News, New York luxury hotel offers $5000 weekend divorce package, September 8, 2014


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