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Mortgage After Divorce

Moving on after divorce can be difficult. The process can be made even more difficult if you have no place to live because you sold your house as part of the settlement.

House-hunting as a Single Person

Finding a new home can be rough for a lot of reasons both emotional and financial. Going from a two-person income to a single income can be tough, especially if you’re paying alimony. Here’s a few tips to help in your single-person house hunt.

Tips for Post Divorce House-hunting

  1. Don’t buy a house during the divorce proceedings.
  2. Wondering where to live during the divorce? Some couples grin and bear it, and remain in the house before it’s sold. If there are kids involved, parents often choose to “nest,” meaning one parent stays in the house one week and then lives in a place they have rented the next week. This way kids can remain in a familiar place, without parents having to duke it out with each other.
  3. Don’t rush into buying a new house.
  4. Consider professional help when weighing out if you can afford another house. A financial advisor will be able to look at your specific case and weigh in on if it’s a sound financial decision.

Divorce Attorney

Facing life after divorce can be difficult, especially if the divorce proceedings are litigious and draining. Working with a skilled attorney can help ease the process and get you back on solid footing. Consider hiring an attorney that is experienced in all aspects of divorce, including alimony, marital property division, and child support.


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Source: US News, How to Get a Mortgage After a Divorce, October 29, 2014

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