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Terrell Suggs Faces Divorce

After allegations of infidelity, and previous incidences of alleged domestic violence, Terrell Suggs’ wife has filed for divorce.

Divorce and Child Custody

Candance Suggs (nee Williams) and the Baltimore Ravens linebacker have been married for two years. The couple shares two children, ages 6 and 7. Candance is seeking full child custody and alimony, as was documented in the divorce papers she filed last December. The petition states, the “Defendant has committed adultery during the marriage and the Plaintiff has not forgiven, or condoned the adulterous conduct.”

Terrell is denying the accusations of infidelity, claiming he remained faithful to his wife until they separated a year ago.

“The allegations she makes concerning Mr. Suggs occurred  well after they separated,” said Terrel’s  attorney Thomas C. Ries. “They were no longer in love and they no longer wanted to be married to one another.”

Domestic Violence Claims

Candance has previously filed for numerous protective orders in the past. Before the two were married, she claimed that Terrell had thrown bleach on her and her son during an argument. The couple reconciled and the protective order was lifted. But just a few years later, she filed another protective order when Terrell punched her in the neck and then dragged her along behind his car a he drove away with their two children. At that time Terrell was ordered to turn over seven guns to the police. The two reconciled, the order was lifted, and they were married less than a month later.


Terrell Suggs filed his divorce response recently, asking for joint custody of the children. The two signed a prenuptial agreement, though the terms are being withheld.


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Source: The Baltimore Sun, Terrell Suggs’ wife files for divorce, accuses him of infidelity, February 13, 2015

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