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Kaley Cuoco Talks About Divorce

Kaley Cuoco is moving on and talking about her divorce from ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting.

Kaley Cuoco Talks About Divorce

The Big Bang Theory actress took to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about what she calls a “bizarre” year.

“We all go through really weird ups and down, and sometimes I’m a little more seen,” the 30-year-old said. “You know, so I already feel like 2016 is going to be a much better year than 2015.”

The two were engaged just three months after starting to date and then married New Year’s Eve 2013 in a fire-and-ice-themed wedding. But after only 21 months of marriage, Cuoco filed for divorce last September.

“You know, it’s been rough, but things are going good,” Cuoco said. “I’m much, much better now. I’m in a much better place than I was.”

One of the first things the actress did was cover up her tattoo of the couple’s wedding date with a large moth.

“I had the date tattooed on my back to remind me … ” she said, then went on to advise, “Don’t tattoo wedding dates.”

And the choice of a moth?

“The significance is that it was big enough to cover the numbers … big wings… silence, quiet, on a wall,” she joked. “You know how they do that? They’re like stationary.”

Can You Predict Divorce?

While celebrity divorces are fairly common, and perhaps even predictable, is it actually possible to predict that a marriage will end in divorce? According to the following statistics, it might be.

Did the bride have pre-wedding jitters?


According to a study that was published in the Journal of Family Psychology, if the bride-to-be has cold feet, the couple’s risk of getting divorced more than doubles. But is it the same if the groom has doubts? According to the study, nope. The groom’s cold feet has no impact on the outcome of the marriage.

Did the couple get married young? Or after the age of 32?

It seems that conventional wisdom holds that getting married too young doesn’t always work out. “I often see couples in their 40s in counseling who got married too young and didn’t have experience with other partners or want different things now,” says licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert, Rachel Sussman. “Because there’s a very good chance that in 10 or 15 years, you’re going to be a very different person — and you should be.”

But a recent study shows that after the age of 32, a couple’s risk for divorcing increases by 5% each year they hold off on marriage. Sussman thinks this is due to the entrenched independence and need for space that people have as they get older.

Does the couple have two daughters? 

When a couple has two daughters, it ups their chances of divorce by 43%. And according to Columbia University economist Kristin Mammen, even just having one daughter makes you 5% more likely to split. Parents with two sons face a nearly 37% risk.  Stephanie Coontz, author of Marriage, a History and director of research for the Council on Contemporary Families said “We think it happens because fathers get more invested in family life when they have boys.”

Parents dealing with a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD are nearly 23% more likely to divorce before thre child turns 8 years old.

Does divorce runs in the family?

If a person’s parents are divorced, they are at least 40% more likely to do the same. Even more shocking is the statistic that if your parents were remarried, you have a 91% likelihood of getting divorced.

Are there debt issues?

Debt can be a big time marital stressor. This can be even harder if couple’s have different spending habits. When one partner is a big spender, divorce can be 45% more likely.

“There can be a problem when one partner works or just has a significantly bigger salary, and the other spends an exorbitant amount of money. Fighting over the Amex bill every month is just a dumb fight to have. They’ve got to be on the same page, and I think setting a budget is key,” explains Sussman.

Did the groom frown in his childhood snapshots?

This might be the weirdest predictor yet. In two separate studies, psychologists took a look at peoples’childhood and yearbook photos in relation to their marital status. They concluded that people that frowned in their photos were five times more likely to end up divorced than people that smiled.

Does one partner smokes?

When only one person in a marriage is a smoker, they’re 75% to 91% more likely to split than couples where both partners are smokers. According to Sussman, the reason behind this could be that “Different values and lifestyles can be problematic.”

Was the first child was born less than 8 months after the wedding?

This makes marriages 24% more likely to call it quits. Chances are, this is because the marriage was entered into to “solve” the issue of an unplanned pregnancy.

Did the couple live together before marriage?

Multiple studies have shown that when couples live together before getting married, there’s a 12% higher chance that they will get divorced.

Is one partner a dancer or choreographer?

According to a 2009 study by the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, occupations have a big say in divorce. Dancers and choreographers have a 43% divorce rate, bartenders have a 38% divorce rate, and nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides have an almost 29% divorce rate.

Does the couple live in Nevada? Or Maine?

Where you live might play a role in if you divorce. But Nevada residents have a 14.6% rate of divorce. Maine is second with 14.2% and Oklahoma trails at 13.5%. New York has 8.8% divorced residents, but that could be attributed to the fact that it also has one of the lowest number of married residents. Researchers say that you might be more likely to get divorced in some states, but that’s only because you are more likely to get married there.

Does the wife makes more money than the husband?

According to a Swiss study of U.S. couples, marriages where spouses earn around the same amount are more at prone to divorce than marriages in which the wife earns less. In marriages where the wife makes 60% or more of the family income, the risk of divorce doubles when compared to couples where the wife does not work at all.

Is the wife older than her husband?

According to an Australian study, in marriages where the women are three years older than their husbands are 53% more likely to end in divorce. The study suggest this may be “due to differences in values associated with birth control, or marital strain caused by power imbalances within the union.”

Does one spouse think they are always right? 


Perhaps this is obvious, but one of the biggest predictors of divorce is how the couple’s feel towards each other. John Gottman claims that he is able to predict a couple’s chances with 93% accuracy. His predictions are based on four key traits, including being defensive and constant criticism. According to him, the “kiss of death,” is contempt and seeing your partner as beneath you.

“It’s constant anger and disgust, passive-aggressive digs, eye-rolling, and yelling at your partner,” says Sussman. “When couples do that in a session, I say the research shows that if you keep doing that, there’s a really good chance you’re going to get divorced.”

You, After Divorce

It goes without saying that divorce is a difficult process. Whether or not there are kids involved, a number of thing need to be worked out: child custody arrangements, child support, spousal support, marital property division. A family law attorney will be able to help you with these aspects of ending a marriage. But you’ll also need help working through the tougher parts of ending a marriage: emotionally tiring and stressful aspects of ending a mrriage. It not only changes your entire lifestyle, it changes you. If you can step back, you might just realize how it changes you in a good way. Here are some positive aspects of a divorce that you may want to consider. In the end, you might just be grateful for the little things that you learned from going through one of the hardest processes you could go through.

Working with a Divorce Attorney

When you’re in the middle of a divorce, just starting one, or just ending one, it can be hard to see a future. Where will you be in a year’s time? Will you be better off? Will you be worse? When a couple decides to say “I do,” they never, ever dream of saying “I don’t.” Divorce can be debilitating, but when the dust is settled, you will have to pick up the pieces and move forward. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is work with a divorce attorney that can advise you on all aspects of a divorce, including child support, spousal support, and marital property division.

Working with a skilled attorney can help ensure you get a fair case.  For advice on divorce, child custody determinations, setting up a co-parenting agreement, dividing marital property, and spousal support you need the expert law firm of Divorce Law LA. Schedule a consultation today.

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