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Miller Custody Battle

An agreement has finally been reached in the custody battle between Olympic skier Bode Miller, 37, and his ex-girlfriend.

Custody Battle

Five-time world champion Miller and ex-girlfriend, Sara McKenna, 28, a student at Columbia University, have been stuck in a bitter custody battle over their 18-month-old son, Samuel. The two have struck a deal just on the eve of a trial where each were expected to bring witnesses to testify to the psychological impact of the the temporary joint custody arrangement was having on Samuel. The two were also in disagreement regarding the amount of child support McKenna had requested.

Previous Custody Ruling

McKenna is a retired Marine who is attending Columbia on the GI Bill. She gave birth to Samuel during her first semester at Columbia in New York. Prior to the baby even being born, Miller was awarded custody of him in California court. Initially, a New York family court judge supported the California ruling and thus, ordered McKenna to surrender Samuel to Miller. A judge in the Appellate Division in Manhattan overturned that decision, ruling that a custody decision needed to be made in New York (not California) because the baby had been born in New York. As a result, McKenna and the Samuel were reunited. Over the past year McKenna and Miller (along with his new wife, volleyball player Morgan Beck) have shared custody, splitting time between California and New York.

McKenna and Miller

McKenna and Miller had a brief fling while McKenna was in California and McKenna got pregnant. Allegedly, when she got pregnant, Miller did not want to take part in Samuel’s life. Thus, McKenna enrolled in the veterans program at Columbia. She had already accepted the scholarship to Columbia and made plans to move to New York when Miller filed for custody in California.


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Source: Daily News, Bode Miller settles custody fight for son with ex Sara McKenna, November 17, 2014

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