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Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Decide to Divorce

The self titled album that Ryan Adams released in 2014 had a more gloomy and downcast tone than previous releases. That tone was initially attributed to to singer’s battle with Ménière’s disease (an inner ear disorder that affects balance and hearing) and the death of his grandmother. But perhaps there’s another reason for the singer’s melancholy: his divorce from singer Mandy Moore.


After 6 years of marriage the rocker and pop star are splitting up. In a joint statement released by the couple it was announce that “Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have mutually decided to end their marriage of almost six years. It is a respectful, amicable parting of ways and both Mandy and Ryan are asking for media to respect their privacy at this time.”


Just four weeks after announcing they were engaged, the singers were married in March 2009 in Savannah, Georgia. The two have collaborated on multiple songs through the years. Adams worked with Moore on her next studio album. Moore also sang back-up vocals on Adams’ 2011 album Ashes & Fire and Ryan Adams‘ “Trouble” and “Am I Safe.”


The two are notorious for keeping their relationship and marriage out of the headlines. Last year, Adams commented, “I’m a private person and I’ll be a gentleman and say I’m not talking about my marriage ever. I’ll never talk about it. Ever.” Adams is set to tour with Jenny Lewis this spring.

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Source: Rolling Stone, Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore ‘Mutually Decided to End Their Marriage,’ January 24, 2015

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