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Safe Ending to Domestic Violence Situation

Four young brothers are now safely in police custody after being at the center of an alleged domestic violence situation.

Rescued and in Police Custody

Four young brothers were rescued after a dramatic hour-long standoff on a San Diego freeway overpass. The boys disappeared along with their parents, Daniel Perez, 43, and Erica Perez, 39, almost a week ago. An Amber Alert was issued following the discovery of a woman’s body in the trunk of the family’s Honda Accord. The woman was dead, and while police are still working to identify the body, it is presumed to be Erica Perez.

Tracking Down Alleged Domestic Violence Abuser

Utilizing Lo-Jack, police officers were able to track down the 2014 four-door Toyota Camry Daniel was driving at the time of his arrest. Police were able to stop the car on the overpass. Shortly after, two of the boys ran from the car towards police officers. Two other boys remained in the car along with Daniel. After a tense standoff involving at least ten police cars and the father of the boys, two specialized SWAT vehicles moved in to surround the car from the front and the back. At that point Daniel emerged from the driver’s side, while the two remaining boys emerged from the passenger side.

Daniel was tackled by police officers after making what appeared to be an attempt to climb over the freeway railing. The two sons that had remained in the car with him were surrounded by police.

Daniel was then taken into custody. All four boys appear to be unharmed and have been taken into custody by police.

History of Domestic Violence

According to family members, Daniel and Erica’s marriage was unstable, and the two had a history of domestic violence.

The four brothers, Jordan, Alex, Jaiden and Tristan Perez, aged 6 to 11, and their parents have been missing since Dec. 5, according to police.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, Boys Rescued After Amber Alert Standoff, December 11, 2014

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