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Sherri Shepherd’s Child Support Woes

Allegations are flying that Sherri Shepherd of “The View,” no longer wants to mother a child that she and her estranged husband, Lamar Sally, are expecting via surrogate. The couple filed separately for divorce in early May. Allegedly, Shepherd wants no part in parenting the unborn child because she does not want to pay child support.


According to reports, Lamar Sally will be filing legal documents to prevent Shepherd from withdrawing from the contract she signed with the surrogate when the couple was still together. Sally is the biological father. The egg was donated reportedly, through in-vitro fertilization. “Sherri doesn’t want anything to do with the child and refuses to pay any child support,” said a source. “She is not budging and is completely detached. She feels very just in her actions and claims the child is not hers.”

Estimated $10 Million

Shepherd’s estimated net value is $10 million. Sally reportedly earned $30,000 in 2010. That year Shepherd made approximately $1 million. It’s alleged that 90 percent of Sally’s $30,000 income came from unemployment benefits.

Claims of Fraud

Shepherd alleges Sally defrauded her when they were in the process of entering the surrogate agreement. Reportedly, Sally was already planning to file for divorce, but he wanted her to commit to paying child support prior to filing. Even more complicated is the fact that the two filed for divorce in two separate states. He filed in California, and she filed in New Jersey – a state that doesn’t typically recognize surrogacy agreements. This might just work in her favor.

According to Jeffrey Hoffer, a California-based divorce and family law attorney, “Whoever served his or her case first will win on which state court will hear the matter. But I am inclined to believe that despite the fact that she did not carry the child and the egg is not hers, that in California she will still be on the hook for child support because she signed a contract and the court will find the payment of support is in the child’s best interest.”  He added a case like this one is rare. “You do not get to make babies by contract or otherwise and then get to walk away from your obligations.”

But if the claims of fraud that Shepherd is alleging stand, and she can prove she was duped into signing the surrogate contract, then she might have a strong defense case.

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Source: Fox News, Can Sherri Shepherd walk away from unborn surrogate child?, July 22, 2014


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