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Why Chrissy Teagan Won’t Divorce John Legend

As Chrissy Teagan recently told US Weekly, she has one reason for not divorcing her husband John Legend, “I told him the No. 1 reason we are not getting divorced is because I refuse to see another woman with my baby.” For some people, that’s not reason enough.

Infidelity, falling out of love, financial reasons. These are all reasons for getting a divorce. But they aren’t the only ones. Regardless of what your reasons are for divorce if you want to work with a divorce attorney to help ease the process

Common Reasons for Divorce

Chances are you have a friend or family member that has gone through divorce. It’s not easy and there are many factors that contribute to the dissolution of a marriage. It can be any number of combinations of reasons that cause two people to say that’s it. Here are some common reasons:

Lack of communication. When you are unable to communicate with your partner, you create distance. This can be from lack of sharing feelings, or not keeping your partner in the loop about what’s happening with you emotionally. A successful relationship is one that has open lines of communication. Otherwise it can feel like nothing is ever resolved, and as if you aren’t even talking about why things can’t be resolved. Additionally, chances are you both feel as if something is being left unsaid. These feelings can multiply over time and become much larger than they were at the beginning. You might consider working with a relationship therapist to learn how to communicate effectively.

When You Might Consider a Lawyer for Personal Injury Claims

Financial Issues. Money, and lack of it, can lead to a lot of problems in relationships. Often times two people have very different mindsets when it comes to saving and spending. If you and your spouse are not in agreement when it comes to how to manage your money, it can cause a lot of problems. Sit down and have an open conversation about how you relate to money and what your goals are. You might find one spouse wants to save to buy a house or to go on a big vacation, while the other spouse would rather go out to dinner every night of the week and have a closet filled with amazing clothes. You might have different goals, and neither one is wrong. Try to find a middle ground. You might also want to speak with a financial adviser that can take a look at your financial situation and advise you on how to move forward based on your joint goals.

Feeling Held Back. When you first started dating your spouse you may have felt as if the sky was the limit, or maybe you felt like you needed to change yourself a little for him or her. Over the course of a marriage things can change. You might feel now as if your spouse and marriage are holding you back from achieving goals and taking opportunities. If you don’t feel supported by your spouse you can begin to feel as if you are being held back from really accomplishing what you want to during your lifetime. Try to get a clear-headed assessment. Are you really being held back? Or maybe it’s just how you are perceiving the situation. An open conversation might be the best place to start.

Trust. Trust is one of the leading factors in having a successful relationship and marriage. It can be impossible to achieve anything if you do not trust each other. Ask yourself if there’s a reason for the lack of trust. Was there an infidelity or past infidelities? Or are you just reading into things? Try to get a clear head about why there is not trust in your relationship. Maybe working with a relationship therapist can help you both deal with any trust issues.

Expectations. If you expected one thing at the beginning of the relationship and you aren’t getting it now, or your expectations have changed, you might find that you aren’t as happy in your relationship as you could be.

Your spouse doesn’t understand or fulfill your needs and desires. We all have different needs and wants that need to be met by the significant other in our lives. If you have a partner that doesn’t acknowledge your interests and desires then they won’t do what they can to fulfill your needs and wants.

Sudden Life Change. New changes happen at every moment in our lives. This can be the birth of a child, death of a parent, sudden job loss, a new opportunity for a job across the country. You will both need to be adaptable and know how to be supportive of each other. Life is unplanned, but you should be able to plan that your spouse will be there to support you whether its a good change or a difficult one.

Domestic Violence. If you’ve been in a situation, or are currently in a situation, where your partner has been abusive or controlling in any manner, you should consider seeking help. If need be, contact a trusted family, friend, or an attorney about this matter.

Uncommon Reasons for Divorce


There are common reasons for divorce, and then there are the uncommon ones like these:

Didn’t Like the Movie “Frozen.” After finding out that her husband “didn’t care for” the film “Frozen,” according to the U.K.’s Metro News, a Japanese woman divorced him, saying, “If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being.”

Possessed by a Genie. After his wife refused to sleep with him, one Dubai man divorced his wife. Her family told him she was possessed by a “dijn,” a type of genie from Arabic mythology, according to Gulf News. Apparently, several religious experts had already attempted to exorcise the genie but were unsuccessful.

Broken Penis Extension. According to the U.K.’s Metro News, a Russian man got a penis prosthetic after finding out that his wife was unsatisfied in bed. When it fell off and he didn’t get a new one, his wife said she was fed up and wanted a divorce.

“Excessive and insatiable desire for sex.” An Indian man divorced his wife because she had an insatiable sex drive. In divorce course he said she had been “aggressive, stubborn and autocratic,” and had forced him to take medication to boost his sexual stamina. She also threatened to sleep with other men if he failed to satisfy her.

“Guantanamo.” A Saudi woman filed for divorce after she found out her husband had nicknamed her “Guantanamo” in his cellphone. According to Al Arabiya news, she discovered the unflattering nickname when she called his cellphone and realized he had left it at home. The man defended himself, saying the nickname was to protect the couple’s privacy. “I don’t want people sitting around me to know that this is my wife calling,” he said.

Parrot Spills the Beans. According to ABC News, a Chinese woman learned of her  husband’s infidelity from the couple’s pet parrot when he started  saying the words “divorce,” “I love you,” and “be patient.” She took the parrot with her to the divorce lawyer.

Too Many Cats. When people hate cats, they really hate cats. And when they love them, they really love them. Apparently, enough to give up their marriage.  According to the Times of Israel, a man divorced his wife after she brought home 550 cats. In court he said he was unable to sleep on the bed and unable to eat meals because the cats were always in the way or stealing his food. The woman refused to give up the cats so the husband decided to give up the marriage.

Cleaned Too Much. A German woman divorced her husband after 15 years of marriage. The reason? According to Reuters, it was because she couldn’t stand his constant cleaning. He constantly tidied and rearranged furniture. Sounds pretty tame… except for the time he tore down a wall in their home because he thought it was too dirty.

Kissed a horse. A man divorced his wife after eh found a photo of her on one of her social networks in which she was kissing a horse. He thought it was cheating. She thought it was crazy that he did. According to Emirates 24/7, the woman said she didn’t want to be with a man who thinks kissing a horse constitutes cheating.

Affair – 70 Years Earlier. An Italian couple ended their marriage in 2011 after the 99-year-old husband found love letters from the 1940s that had been written between his 96-year-old wife and her former flame.

Working with a Family Law Attorney

Whatever your reason is for divorce, whether it’s a common one, or a bizarre and uncommon one, you should consider working with a family law attorney. They will be able to advise you on any number of issues, including: child support, spousal support, marital property division, child visitation, etc… A lawyer from the expert law firm of Divorce Law LA will be able to guide you through the divorce process. The Divorce & Family Law Offices of Divorce Law LA will provide you with the highest level of expertise and professionalism from our skilled attorneys. Our Divorce and Family Law Practice spans a wide spectrum of areas that include: divorce, high net-worth divorce, marital property division, child custody and visitation, and child support.

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Jeremy Renner Will Pay $13K a Month in Child Support

Actor Jeremy Renner will be paying $13,000 a month in child support to ex-wife Sonny Pacheco. The two divorced after just ten months of marriage.

Jeremy Renner Will Pay $13K a Month in Child Support

The Oscar-nominated actor and his soon-to-be ex-wife split up after just ten months of marriage, and share a daughter, 2-year-old, Ava Berlin Renner.

It appears that though the two signed a prenuptial agreement in which Pacheco had waived her right to seek spousal support, Pacheco was still seeking support payments. While Pacheco had been seeking primary physical custody of Ava and an increase in the monthly support payments she was receiving, Renner has always insisted on joint custody. Now, according to court documents, the two will share joint legal and physical custody and Renner will pay $13,000 a month in child support.

In addition to the new agreement on child custody and support, the settlement also stipulates that neither Renner nor Pacheco is allowed to “make derogatory or insulting remarks” about the other, any future significant others, or either of their families in front of Ava. They’re also restricted from “arguing, yelling or using profanity” directed at each other in front of the two-year-old.

Additionally, Renner has been asked to cover Ava’s health care costs in full, and has also been ordered to pay back child support of $21,035.

An Overall Look at Child Support

Children, Sports, and the Increasing Number of Brain Injuries

It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot, especially in divorce cases where children are involved, but it’s not always necessarily defined. Child support is a monthly payment that parents pay to help cover the costs associated with raising a child, such as education, health care, and after-school activity costs. Just as every child is different, the amount that needs to be paid is different, and will be based on the child’s needs, in addition to the ability of the parent to pay, in addition to some set legal guidelines.

Typically, the custodial parent – the parent who cares for the child most of the time – receives the child support payments.  And the non-custodial parent – the parent that spends less parenting time – typically makes the payments. It is assumed that because the custodial parent is in legal charge most of the time, that they are already directly spending money on the child. A court is also able to order both parents to pay child support.

In cases where one parent makes more money than the other, such as in the Renner-Pacheco case, it makes sense that while the two share joint legal and physical custody, Renner will need to pay child support – his income is higher than Pacheco’s.

Usually, child support is paid until the child turns 18, though there are some exceptions. Exceptions include: the child marries, joins the military, or becomes self-supporting. Other times, the support may continue until the child turns 19 if the child is still in high school and lives with a parent. Support can also be extended past the age of 19 if parents agree, or if the child is unable to become self-supporting due to a disability.

Child Support Guidelines in California

While each case will be considered separately and individually, the payment amount a parent must pay is based on California’s child support guidelines.

The guidelines follow a mathematical formula and are based on a number of factors, which we will discuss. You can calculate a rough amount by using California’s Guidelines Child Support Calculator. A court presumes that the amount given by the California’s Guidelines Child Support Calculator is appropriate, but because there are so many additional factors that can weigh into a child support decision, that amount can be unfair. Because of this, it’s advised that you work with a family law attorney that can help you get a fair amount.

In cases with special circumstances, where parents have different time-sharing arrangements than the typical, child support decisions can be difficult to determine. Examples of these special circumstances include: when the parents have equal time-sharing, but one parent has a much lower or higher percentage of income; where the child has special medical needs. In cases like these, a court will need to weigh all these special factors.

Parents are also able to pay more, if it is agreed, and also agree for one spouse to pay less. Regardless of the decision, a court will need to approve the final amount. It’s important to note that a court will always take the child’s best interest into account. This factor will always play into the decision regarding the amount of support payments, so if a couple decides to pay less, then the parents will also need to be able to prove the child’s needs will be met. Paying less support is not an option for parents who have applied for or receive public assistance. Instead, a parent who receives public assistance may agree to support payments that are at or above the amount provided by the guidelines. Additionally,  the local child support services agency must also agree to the lesser amount.

Calculating Child Support Payments


To calculate what a court will want you to pay in child support, you’ll first need both parents’ net disposable income. This is the difference between gross income and what counts as deductions for child support purposes. You can either consult the California Guideline Child Support Calculator User Guide, or work with a family law attorney to determine what can be deducted.

Gross income is income from the following: salaries, commissions, unemployment, spousal support, and social security benefits. You might even need to include lottery winnings, depending on the amount. You are able to exclude child and spousal support payments actually paid and money from public assistance programs.

After determining gross income, deduct state and federal income taxes, mandatory union dues, and health insurance premiums, among other things. You can either consult the California Guideline Child Support Calculator User Guide, or work with a family law attorney to determine what can be deducted.

You’ll also need to know the following:

  • number of children who need support
  • custody (time-share) arrangement
  • both parents’ tax liabilities
  • whether a parent is already supporting children from another relationship
  • child’s health insurance expenses
  • both parents’ mandatory retirement contributions and other job-related expenses, and
  • all other relevant costs (health care, day care, travel, etc)

Remember that a court will require either one or both parents to contribute to the child’s health care and child care. A court also has the discretion to require  additional payment for the child’s education or special needs, as well as for a parent’s travel expenses for visiting the child.

Remember that after you have calculated your child support payment, that this is just an estimate until a court reviews it and approves it. A family law attorney is a great way to ease this process, as it can be overwhelming to calculate.

You Must Pay Child Support

Every parent that is ordered to pay child support, must do so. A parent that avoids paying by refusing to work or working less very rarely gets away with it. A court can “impute” income. This means that the court will look at factors like employment history, education, and training and come up with an amount of income that a parent should be earning.

Modifications to the Amount of Child Support

Even if a child support payment has been agreed to, it can be modified. This is usually only granted if there has been a significant change in financial or time-share circumstances.

Such circumstances include: job loss, increase in income, or a shift in how much parents are spending with the child. Other reasons include: when a parent has another child with a different partner or when a parent has an extended illness or goes to jail.

When a modification request is made, the court will consider both parents’ current financial situations and time-share. Sometimes when parent’s income has decreased, that parent’s child support payment goes up due to the time-share factor. Child support payments tend to increase when a parent’s percentage of time-share decreases. A court will need to recalculate time-share amounts in addition to the changes in income.

A Family Law Attorney

But when it comes to the actual legal process of a divorce and determining child support and payment, you’ll want to work with a skilled family law attorney. There are a number of things that a family law attorney will be able to advise you on, including: child support, spousal support, marital property division, and other things. Working with a skilled attorney can help ensure you get a fair case.  For advice on divorce, child custody determinations, setting up a co-parenting agreement, dividing marital property, and spousal support you need the expert law firm of Divorce Law LA. Schedule a consultation today.

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Successful Celebrity Marriages

In Hollywood it seems “divorce” is synonymous with “celebrity.” We hear about celebrities seeking divorces almost every single day. But there seems to be a group of celebrities that have managed to find the secret to long and happy marriages. Here’s a list of celebs that are still making their marriages work.

Celebrity Divorces Successful Marriages

  • Celebrity couple Kevin Bacon and wife, Kyra Sedgwick will be celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary this year.
  • “Puppy Love” singer Donny Osmond knew he was going to marry Debbie Glenn from the moment he first saw her. He attributes his happy marriage to keeping it real. “You have to take out the selfishness, you have to realize you’re on a two-way street, not a one-way street. And whenever you have an argument, she’s always right,” he said.
  • Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson were married in 1983. When he was asked about his marriage on Reddit he responded: “Well, you know, I don’t know if it’s show business that has a monopoly on divorce, it’s just that you hear about it. I don’t know what statistics are, or I don’t know if people in show business have a higher rate of divorce, but I just think that you have to work at it. Not give up on each other. It’s a commitment. It’s not all the honeymoon, it doesn’t last forever, so you work at it. And hopefully you’re good friends first, that might help!”

Working With A Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be difficult, especially if you need to iron out child custody and visitation or spousal support agreements. Working with a skilled attorney can help ensure you get a fair case.  For advice on divorce you need the expert law firm of Divorce Law LA. Schedule a consultation today.


Source: The Huffington Post, Celebrities Who Have NEVER Been Divorced, February 9, 2015

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