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Griffin Divorce and High Net Worth Divorces

According to some Chicago divorce attorneys, Citadel LLC’s founder and CEO Ken Griffin, and wife Anne Dias Griffin are planning their high-net-worth divorce.

High-Net-Worth Couple

Mr. Griffin’s personal net worth is estimated to be $5.2 billion. The company he founded, Citadel LLC is one of the U.S.’s largest hedge-fund managers of an estimated $20 billion in assets. Mrs. Griffin is a money manager and also a partner at Aragon Global Management, a company that invests in global media, technology, as well as telecommunications companies.

Next Steps

As a couple with high-net-worth prepares for divorce, the first step is often to scrutinize the prenup for any possible loopholes or hidden assets. This is often done quickly out of fear that the other spouse will be quick to conceal assets or make the information unavailable. “A sort of financial paranoia comes into play,” says Chicago divorce attorney Marshall Auerbach. “Generally speaking, the more money there is to fight over, the more contentious the case will be.” A divorce such as this one might be straightforward – simply because of how detailed the prenuptial agreement was. According to a source close to the couple, Ms. Griffin will receive a lump sum and Mr. Griffin will “take care of all the financials for their children. It’s very straightforward.”

Prenuptial Agreements in High-Net-Worth Marriages

Often when a couple comes together, and both parties already have established high net worth individually, it’s crucial that a prenuptial agreement is drafted. A licensed family law attorney can help you put together a prenuptial agreement if you and your spouse want to go down that route. It is also advised that you both seek your own personal attorneys for the drafting of this document, so that both parties are able to feel they’ve come to that agreement on their own terms. Though divorce is often a very emotionally draining situation, in high-net-worth divorces a prenuptial agreement can help it from becoming an even more bitter debacle.


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Source: Chicago Business, What happens next in Ken Griffin divorce case,  July 28, 2014


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