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Divorce Appeal Not Granted for Jamie McCourt

A California appeals court has not granted Jamie McCourt, the ex-wife of former Los Angeles Dodgers owner a bid to toss out the couple’s divorce agreement.

Financial Agreement During Divorce Will Stand

Los Angeles’ 2nd District Court of Appeals has decided the financial settlement arrived two during Jamie McCourt and Frank McCourt’s divorce settlement will remain as is.  Jamie McCourt had sought to appeal the divorce settlement on claims that her ex-husband had not provided her with accurate estimates of the baseball team’s value in addition to television broadcast values.

The team was sold for $2 billion in 2012, after the couple finalized their divorce in late 2011.

Set Aside Divorce Agreement

Jamie McCourt contended that the divorce agreement that paid her $131 million, in addition to other luxury homes and property, should be set aside because Frank McCourt had not provided accurate estimates of the team’s value.

Jamie McCourt Had Knowledge of Value

The appeals court ruled on findings that Jamie McCourt’s lawyers had received a 220,000 page document during the divorce that discussed, at length, the value of the team. The appeal court also contended that at one point, during her role as a team official, Jamie McCourt had reviewed a document that estimated the combined value of the Dodgers and television rights to be more than $2.4 billion.

The unanimous ruling found no reason to overturn the divorce agreement on the claims that McCourt had been misled by her ex-husband.

Jamie McCourt filed for divorce in October 2009.


Source: ESPN, Court rejects Jamie McCourt’s appeal, February 25, 2015

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