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You’ve been working for months to resolve your issues with your spouse but you still can’t seem to see eye to eye on anything. You can’t imagine this might be the end of your marriage, but you have no other option but to file for divorce. It can be a hard time. But if you

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Can You Divorce-Proof Your Marriage?

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 by

There’s a common thought out there that there are things you can do to divorce-proof your marriage. Below we share these things, as well as what to do should you not be able to divorce-proof your marriage. Can You Divorce-Proof Your Marriage? Allow Some Freedom We all need a little space from time-to-time. That means having

Are you about to enter a mediation session? Here are some tips that will help you navigate what might be unfamiliar waters. Prepare Your Financial Documents Make a list of all the assets you have. It should include any and all financial information you have. This is not limited to, but might include: bank accounts, mutual

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Fear Divorce? Mediation Might Be Best

Friday, 12 September 2014 by

With divorce comes the fear of the situation getting out of control. Divorce is stressful for all parties involved, and has the potential to bring out the worst in people. If you fear a stressful divorce, you might want to consider another option: divorce mediation.   Mediation Mediation allows for a negotiation process in which

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