Updated Paternity Test

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) has announced the launch of a new Paternity Test Kit that will be available for sale in national retail stores. 

The Paternity Test

The world’s largest DNA Paternity Testing Company, DDC, has created a user-friendly package that provides not only clear cut information to consumers, but also the results of the test for only an $89 lab fee, thus allowing the company to expand their nationwide consumer reach. The DDC will test all DNA samples twice, and return results within 2 business days. A 1 day option is available. The average Power of Exclusion is greater than 99.9999%. 

Online Registration

DDC will also allow customers to register online without having to complete a paper form – thus catering to consumers who need information, and are used to receiving information an an accelerate pace. Through the online registration, consumers are able to choose their preferred method of reception for the test results – with via text or email as options. 

Tested Twice

Chief Science Officer of DDC, Dr. Michael Baird is considered to be the country’s foremost expert in DNA and paternity testing. He proclaims the “DDC provides the only home paternity test in the US market that is always tested twice, and a serious tool that could change the dynamic of the customer’s family forever.” 

David Silver, Vice President of Marketing at DDC says, “We are thrilled to expand our sales outreach and have forged business relationships with online and traditional store retailers. We take pride in offering a convenient and private paternity test which includes many useful features like online registration and status updates for mobile phone users. Our customers want their information quickly and DDC will do everything we can to meet their needs.”

Court Consideration

For consumers who need their test to be recognized in court, Silver adds that “once the consumer purchases the kit, DDC will offer a special price consideration for customers to upgrade to a legal, court-admissible paternity test.”

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Source: News-medical, DNA Diagnostics Center launches new Paternity Test Kit, September 30, 2014

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