Domestic Violence

Mayor’s Wife: Victim of Domestic Violence

Wife and alleged shooter of slain suburban Los Angeles major was, according to her lawyer, a victim of domestic violence.

The Shooting

According to Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials, Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo, was fatally shot in his home earlier this week by his wife, Levette Crespo. The shooting occurred following a physical altercation between the mayor and the couple’s 19-year-old son, Daniel. Authorities believe the mayor and his wife were fighting and Daniel tired to intervene, thus creating a struggle between father and son. According to sheriff’s Deputy Crystal Hernandez, his mother then got a gun and opened fire. The 45-year-old mayor was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Domestic Violence

Levette’s attorney, Eber Bayona gave no further details of how domestic violence played a role in the incident. “I think the evidence will corroborate that she has been a victim of domestic violence for many years,” Bayona said.

Levette Crespo has been cooperative with authorities since the incident. An arrest was not made, and no criminal charges have been filed thus far. She was released after questioning. According to Sheriff’s spokeswoman Nicole Nishida there were no prior incidents of domestic violence reported from the home.

The Family

According to the Bell Garden’s website the Crespos were high school sweethearts who married as teenagers in 1986. They also share a grown daughter.

Neighbors had only positive things to say about the family. “He was such an awesome person. He was forever walking around, talking with people, house to house,” said neighbor, retiree Florence Chavez.

According to Bayona, looks may be deceiving. “In this case there may be an opportunity to learn about the difficult and intolerable home life for this family,” he said.

Claudia Osuna, the lawyer representing the Crespos’ two adult children, said her clients are standing by their mother. She stated that the son was also a victim of domestic violence.


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Source: ABC News, Lawyer: Wife of Mayor Was Domestic Violence Victim, October 2, 2014

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